Tree Tech Ltd offers a wide range of courses suitable for all types of ride on and pedestrian mowers. This includes Rotary, Flail, or Cylinder - to suit your individual requirements.
All courses are Lantra integrated training and assessment programmes and upon completion, a skills card and Lantra certificate will be awarded. The certificate is then valid for 3 years. Training is usually conducted on site, however we are able to find appropriate alternative sites for training if required.

What will you learn?

  • Identification of risks with the use of mowers.
  • Correct and appropriate PPE.
  • Identify controls and components.
  • Daily checks in accordance with manual.
  • Pre start checks.
  • Identification of repairs and faults.
  • Adjustment of cutting mechanism to achieve best results.
  • Safe and competent operation of mower.
  • After use maintenance.
  • Loading and transporting the machine.

Machines covered.

  • Ride on Mowers - Cylinder
  • Ride on Mowers - Rotary and Flail
  • Pedestrian Mowers - Cylinder
  • Pedestrian Mowers - Rotary and Flail
  • Pedestrian Operated Reciprocating Mowers
  • Mower Maintenance and Operation
  • Cylinder Sharpening
  • Flail Attachment on Tractor

Specific to your Needs:

At Tree Tech Ltd we aim to provide any course or training session to meet your requirements. If there is not a course listed that fits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide you with further guidance or clarification of your request, and provide you with tailored training, should this be needed